Cookie Monster Cupcakes//Cookie Crisp Cereal Bites

This past weekend I had the honor of making cupcakes for the cutest little boy who just turned 1!  It’s amazing to see the vision you’ve created in your mind come to life:) I used mini chips ahoy cookies as a topper on  half the cupcakes, and for the other half I used a Wilton-233 Tip to re-create the beloved blue haired, cookie- lover monster. To make the eyes, I used the Wilton vanilla candy melts and black fondant. For the mouth,  I shaped the opening using black fondant. For the final touch, a teeny cookie crisp cereal bite.

As a little extra treat, I used more of the cookie crisp cereal and some of the leftover vanilla candy melts to create mini cookie sandwich bites:) I found myself popping those little sandwiches in my mouth more than what I was making, lol they were so good!image


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