If only you knew how excited I was when I first received my mini donut pan. It was a gift I received from my mother’s dearest friend, who has been battling breast cancer. She is also a baker herself. She is always sending me some of her baking supplies she no longer uses, and will tell my mom ” I know she will make something amazing with these”. She understands my crazy addiction for baking supplies, you name it, I probably have it lol. I can’t thank her enough for her humble heart and giving nature. These are by far my FAVORITE desserts to make. They are teeny and the cutest things ever.




You can purchase these Mini Donut pans in department stores or online on Amazon! No need to set up a deep fryer for these minis, you just simply fill with any of your favorite cake batter and bake! For your topping you can dip into melted chocolate or frosting:) add any sprinkles and toppings you like! I like to crush cookies and sprinkle shredded coconut onto mine, as well as sprinkles and chopped up candy bars!


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