Hand Painted Batman Wooden Letter

When it comes to gift giving I’m all for homemade presents! To me, they are truly the best gifts from the heart. You can personalize them however you like, and get as creative as you want. I love to incorporate the other persons interests in the gifts I create. I like to take my time to really find out what the other person enjoys, I look for the little details, and I go from there:) In the picture below, I added a personalized, hand painted wooden letter I painted for a Batman-themed room. A friend of mine has a young son who is utterly obsessed with Batman, I mean who isn’t? Batman is awesome! Her son’s name is Jayden, and all he wanted for the new house was a room totally dedicated to Batman. One day I was browsing through pinterest, like always, and I came across several pins on DIY painted wooden letters. It was then I knew what I wanted to make for Jaydens room. I went to my local craft store and found a variety of wooden letters, picked out the letter J, and went on to create this awesome wooden piece.image

What You Need:

*Wooden Letter/ shape of your choice
*Acrylic paint
*Paint brushes (I used a variety of brush sizes to create fine lines and small details)
*Ruler (for precise lines)
Pencil/eraser (to draw out/trace your object, use eraser for any mistakes)
*Newspaper (for an easy clean up)

After you have penciled in an outline of how you want your design to look, proceed to paint over your sketches and let your creativity flow!

Helpful Note: For long lasting, vibrant color, I started out by painting my wooden object with a thin layer of white paint as a primer. I then used 2-3 layers of each color for maximum coverage. Using a primer before hand will decrease the chance of your color fading.

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