DIY Baby Girl Headbands

In today’s post I wanted to share with you all one of my all time favorite DIY projects! These super cute baby girl headbands are my go-to gifts for baby showers and birthdays:)  They are the sweetest, most adorable gifts you can make for the special little lady in your life. There are endless styles, colors and themes to choose from in making your headbands. Below I will include everything you will need to create these gorgeous little gems, as well as a measurement guide. They have become quite the addiction for me, lol. These are also a great DIY for all you mommy’s out there. They are inexpensive to make and you can customize them however you desire:) perfect for a special outfit, costume or to just simply spoil your baby girl:) it’s always a win-win with these!





  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun (or you can also use needle and thread to sew your pieces.)
  • Elastic headband or elastic lace (you can find in local craft store or online.)
  • Felt circles. (you can purchase the felt material already cut out into a circle shape, or you can easily cut them yourself.)
  • Any Artificial Flowers or Shabby/Chiffon flowers (I purchase mine from just search under chiffon flowers or headband flowers.These flowers are super inexpensive and come in awesome variety packs!.)

Quick Reference for Headband Sizes:

Newborn to 6 months- 13″

6 Months to 18 months- 15″

18 Months and up- 17″


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