DIY Popcorn Cones!


All you will need to create for these fun, decorative cones are a piece of tape and any colored/ printed paper of your choice! How easy is that! You can fill these cones with popcorn, chips, candies, whatever you like to use. They are perfect for all ages and just an overall fun party dessert.  I made these for a 25th anniversary party last year and they were the finishing touch to complete the dessert table. I went for the silver and white color scheme to match the decor of the party, and  I couldn’t be happier on how beautiful they turned out!


  • Cardstock paper (there are endless colors/designs, thinner works best! The thicker the paper, the harder it is to roll out the cone shape  .)
  • Scissors ( I cut my sheet of paper 8″x8″ square
  • clear tape/glue( I used a combo of both for maximum hold)
  • Popcorn, candies, cookies,etc…(you can fill your cones with all kinds of treats!)
  • cardboard box to hold your cones ( I used a cake pop  box I found at Walmart. The holes on the box helped secure the cones in an upright position so they wouldn’t fall or move around.)

*Now to assemble your cone!- pick a corner of your square paper you just cut, and begin rolling the corner upwards until you achieve a cone structure. Secure the middle with a piece of clear tape or glue the paper down and you are all done! easy right!! So there you have it, these beautiful, stylish, easy to make, popcorn cones your party guest will surely be eyeing to get their hands on:)

Here’s another set of popcorn cones I made for a Birthday Party!  ‘Shaun The Sheep Theme’. To create these personalized set I used basic white printing paper, and for the image, I googled free printables of the characters! Super easy and adorable to fit your party themes.


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