DIY Washi Tape Clothespins


Who says clothespins have to be boring? Here’s a fun, easy way to add your own twist and style to those once colorless clips you would see your mom use  to hang dry your clothes. This easy to-do craft will most definitely bring out your inner creativity. They can be used to add something extra to your work desk, hanging pictures, gifts, party favors, possibilities are endless! No paint or glue needed for this project, all you need is some plain clothespins, and washi tape. Washi tape comes in several colors and designs. They can be found in the craft area of Walmart, (where I found mine), as well as your local craft stores. For more colors and designs, you can also try searching on, there they have a wide selection on more personalized color/designs that would be harder to find at your local craft stores.
*Washi Tape
*x-acto blade or Scissors

In the picture below you will see how I transferred my washi tape onto the clothespin. I rolled out the tape and placed the clip ontop. Your next move would be to use your scissors, or an x-acto blade( I opted for the blade to safely trace around the shape of the clip and remove the excess tape. You can even fold over the edges if there is still some leftover tape hanging. Press down firmly around all the outer edges to ensure the tape is fully secured onto the pin.



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