DIY Dessert Toppers!

Hey ya’ll! I wanted to share with you guys these fun, homemade dessert toppers I made today! Tonight was a very special night for my family, my younger cousin Alexxus  celebrated her 21st birthday! ( our girl is all grown up!)  The one thing she requested from me was to make her some oreo balls, lol. She was actually the first person who introduced me to these delicious, chocolatey desserts a few years ago. Ever since then, I was totally hooked, and they have always been a big hit at of our family parties. I wanted to make them extra special for her today, something to pop out at guest when they saw them. I searched all week for some already made toppers, and I just couldn’t find any that caught my eye. So as usual, I came back home and took out all my crafty supplies in my room and brainstormed on some cute, personalized toppers I can create myself. In my last post, I had found these adorable, miniature white letters that I painted to add to my night stand. I immediately remembered I had seen number blocks in the display that day as well, and it was right then that I knew what I would use to make these oreo truffles extra sweet for my birthday girl. So this morning there I was, bright and early driving back to Walmart, hoping I would still find them in stock, lol I was so excited to see them still there, and only a pair left! for under $1, I knew these things wouldn’t last on the shelves too much longer. I picked out my number 21 and off I went to get started on my creation for the day. I decided to stick with the gold color theme for these blocks, and I found that my paper flags lying on my desk would match them perfectly! I grabbed a handful of toothpicks from the kitchen and dug out some stickers I had stashed away in my crafty mess. Everything just came together perfectly in the end and I was so excited to see the final look of them ontop of the truffles. Below I will include all of the supplies I used and show you just how simple and super affordable it was to create these party dessert toppers! I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY project and hope you all will give this one a try for your next upcoming celebration!  Happy Birthday Alex! ❤

wpid-20151010_131856.jpg wpid-20151010_150345.jpg

wpid-20151010_175548.jpg wpid-20151010_175353.jpg



-Page flags (I found mine in the $1 section at Target)


Glue (to secure the paper flags around toothpick)

Chalkboard Stickers

Alphabet Stickers

Acrylic paint 

Paint brush

Optional: you can add more personalized decor  to your dessert tray/table using the letter blocks and numbers. This was the first time I found them in a miniature block form, so you can browse online to see if you can find some similar. Or else, wooden letters and symbols are always available at your local craft stores:) you can add any color/design to them to match the theme you are going for. Have fun, and let your inner creativity come to life:) you are capable of so many amazing things<3


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