DIY No-Sew Hair Bows!

Hey girlys! For todays DIY project I’m going to show you all just how easy it is to make these adorable hair bows. I LOVE to make these using different styles and colors of fabric, they are the sweetest homemade gift you can give for any occasion. No sewing required, all you will need for this project is:

ScissorsFabricHot glue gunHair Clip


I hardly ever measure the cut of my fabric, I make them all different sizes every time, lol, you can always trim extra fabric as you go along, or you can measure out your lengths and width if you want to make each one the same size:) it’s all about how you would like them to look:) After you have your piece cut, you will then add a line of glue down the longest side of the fabric. You will be folding the glued end over (hot dog style.)

-Now that you have both of the longest ends glued together, you will then fold in the shortest ends inward to meet in the center. You will now be left with a small rectangular piece of fabric, glue the ends in the center to secure.

-Now to create the bow structure, begin to fan fold your fabric, back and forth, back and forth, like a paper fan. Add a dab of glue in the center of those folds to hold the bow structure.

-Next you will then cut a stand of fabric to wrap around the center to complete the finished look, glue the strand in place.

-Lastly, add your glue onto the hair clip and firmly press down into the back of the bow until fully secured.





For a smaller bow using ribbon:



This is what I love most about making these myself, I can use all kinds of flowers and crochet headbands, small bows, big bows, you can even add a little bling to it! There are endless possibilities with these:)


You can find fabric in any of your local craft stores, or crafting aisle at Walmart (where I purchased the ones pictured below) I always get the Fat Quarter cut fabric that are priced just below $1, cant beat that! Another place I always find beautiful fabrics are at the second hand store. I LOVE thrifting! I always find the best things in thrift shops. You can get a variety of fabrics all bundled in a large bag for just a few bucks!


FABRICS FABRICS FABRICS!!! yes I’m totally obsessed! lol, I’m super excited to make more bows with these new Wonder Woman and Star Wars fabrics I found today at Walmart!

(finished product! I’m so in love with it!♡)

↓ ↓ ↓


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