DIY Gift Container/ Headband Holder

Who would have thought using an empty oatmeal container could make the cutest gift box!! These are perfect to use for a baby shower gift, birthdays, headband holder, or could simply be used as a storage container! I keep some of my headband supplies in mine and like to assemble my finished headbands around the outside. I hope you guys enjoyed this quick and adorable tutorial! Happy Friday my beauties!

What You Need:


-Empty Oatmeal Container


-Tape/Glue Stick

-Designer Paper

wpid-20151106_201304.jpg wpid-20151106_201135.jpg

Wrap your paper around the container, cut off the excess, tape or glue down your paper onto the container. So easy right?!  You can find this designer paper in the craft aisle of Walmart. It comes with 50 different designed sheets of paper. Depending on the size of the container, you may need to use an extra sheet to cover any gaps. You can also add pretty bows or ribbon ontop of the lid



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