Snow White Princess Party Desserts//DIY Cupcake Toppers!

In celebration of my adorable baby cousin Tiana who just turned ONE! She truely celebrated her special day like the princess she already isI couldn’t wait to get started on her party desserts! with her theme being Snow White, I definitely wanted to incorporate the red bow that the beloved princess wore. I created these bows with ribbon and glue, which I then glued to a toothpick to use as the topper for the cupcakes. I also made a few extra personalized toppers with leftover gold letter stickers I had. You can simply add the letter stickers to any colored paper of your choice and glue to a toothpick. I was so thrilled on how everything turned out! I decided on using mini cupcakes to match the teeny bows:) I can’t help myself, I am overly obsessed with anything miniature sized lol you could never go wrong with mini cupcakes! I also made a batch of cake pops that added a great touch to the theme. I hope you all enjoy this adorable DIY and get inspired for your next creation! Happy Birthday Princess!wpid-20151108_141301.jpg



Pictured below are these adorable block numbers and letter I have included in a previous post. They can be found at Walmart in the crafting aisle or your local craft store. They come in all shapes and sizes, some wooden and others already painted white. These are truly the best things ever. You can use any color paints you want and even fabrics or washi tapes to decorate them with. I used my favorite gold to paint onto the number blocks that matched perfectly to the golden cupcake wrappers. I then added some more mini bows to them to finish the look. I used these painted numbers and letter to add as a centerpiece to the dessert platter.





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