Hey guys!!! It’s been a few weeks that I’ve been MIA from posting, but not to worry I am back and full of new and exciting DIY’s that I’m so anxious to share with you all!  I definitely missed it and I am so glad to be back on! With the Holiday season in full effect and the anticipation of the new Star Wars movie coming up(ahhh!) what better way to celebrate the new movie coming out with some  awesome Star Wars gear you can create yourself! Nothing but humble, childhood memories when I think of this old school classic! Growing up we didn’t have much but one thing my parents always tried to do for us was rent us movies every Friday (those Blockbuster days were the best!) This was just one of those movies that takes me back to those days, just my brother and I watching them over and over , and renting all over again the next week, lol. I cant help but feel so much joy and smile about those little things that take you back in time. As my favorite quote goes “Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things” ❤ Happy holidays everyone! I hope you enjoy this fun tutorial!  Nothing better than a sweet, homemade gift for your loved ones:)


What You Need:

-Onsie or Tshirt ( I got mine from the thrift shop for $1)


-Black Marker/Sharpie (to outline)

-Fabric Paint & paintbrush (You can find in the craft aisle at Walmart or your local craft store)

-Star Wars Character template (I googled Star Wars Printables and came across free template from an awesome blog by  defintely check her out!!

*another must have would be a piece of thick cardboard or something flat and hard that can be placed inside the onsie or shirt while you outline and paint. The last thing you want is the paint to bleed through the back of the shirt. Create a barrier between the front and back side of the shirt until your image is painted and fully dry.


Cut out your imagine, and place it onto your fabric in your desired spot. Place a piece of cardboard/thick paper inside the onsie/shirt to use as your barrier to prevent color bleeding. Use your marker to outline the imagine.

Once you have your outline, now you can  fill in with the fabric paint! I used 2 coats to ensure my color would not fade once it dried.  And there you have it! Super easy right?!!  ahhh and I’m so in love:)



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