Month of Love.. & Birthday Cake!

Hello my lovelies! Just wanted to thank you all again for taking the time to visit my page It truly means so much! This month is already flying by so fast, and I’m trying to take advantage of every single minute of it. February is my favorite month of the year, spring is just around the corner and I celebrated my 26th Birthday! I feel so blessed for another year of life, another year of new adventures and new ideas. I can’t wait to share with you all some more of my  creations and DIY projects this year. It fills my heart with so much joy to be able to share my favorite hobbies and passions with you all. My biggest  hope is to inspire you all  in finding your inner crafty side, and making new and sweet creations for you and your loved ones. As always, it’s those sweet, little things in life that truly fill the heart. Stay sweet my beauties


Because mini cupcakes are my sweet, guilty pleasures:) made this adorable set for my beautiful friend on her bday this month. Mini  Dessert box is by Martha Stewart, these were given to me long ago and I was so thrilled to finally use them! You can search online for her products or even Michaels craft store.


Some more  pretty in pink minis from this month, I used a #508 closed star decorating tip for the swirl.


please tell me I’m not the only one who is obsessed with buying gift bags, lol I sometimes feel like I’m a hoarder for them, but they are so stinkin’ cute and you just never know when you will need one, right? lol! found these at the 99 cents only store, as well as Target dollar spot and Walmart.


 This month was filled with so much adventure! I took 2 trips to California nothing like a much needed mini getaway with some beachy vibes and the sweet sounds of reggae! Strolling down Venice Beach I came across these amazing pieces of wood art. I truly appreciate other peoples handmade crafts<3 Hand crafted in so many different styles, it was so hard not to buy all of them, lol how amazing it is to see someone else’s passions and visions come to life in their work. Even though I’m a Arizona girl, California sure does hold my heart..<3


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