black & gold wall art DIY

Hello my sweets! I wanted to share with you guys a sneak peak of my DIY wall art in the making! Little by little I have been purchasing frames from thrift shops and the dollar store to frame these lovely black and gold quotes! 2 of which were purchased from the 99 cents  store already framed, and as for the ones printed  with the white background, I had found through pinterest and was able to print them out following the free printable links. Pinterest has several free printable pictures and quotes to choose from (for personal use only).  I absolutely  love how you can mix & match the different sizes of the frames and assort them any way you like. As always I had to stick with my all time favorite color duos of pastels and gold, lol.  Having these beautiful quotes in front of me to gaze at for positivity and inspiration is everything to me! I love how I can look up at them and instantly feel happiness and motivation. My craft desk is my happy place indeed, it’s my very own private getaway where my mind is free from all worries and I am able to run wild with creativity and imagination. I can’t wait to add more to my wall of inspiration and hope you all take this fun DIY with you in mind for your next home/office project.


♥printable quotes were found on:


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