Sofia The First Cupcakes


Hey hey ya’ll! Just wanted to share with you guys these adorable cupcakes I made for a special little princess on her big day! Little girls and the  love they have for their favorite princesses are simply the cutest thing ever. They look up to their princess, they dress like them, sing their hearts out to their songs and watch them everyday. I wanted to make sure these were everything she wanted to make her day that much more special.  I ordered the princess ring toppers from Amazon for a super afforable price. I love how you can type in any theme on Amazon and they have such a wide selection on fun character toppers and accessories. I also had these pretty pink and purple heart stickers in my sticker stash that I thought would match perfectly with the theme! I simply hot glued the stickers to a tooth pick, (my favorite and all time go-to DIY method for homemade toppers), they always add that one last touch I was looking for to finish the overall look. As for the frosting, I simply added a few drops of the Wilton Violet icing food coloring. It’s in a gel form, so the best way to achieve getting the perfect shade you are looking for is to start off by dipping a toothpick into the gel coloring and adding it little by little into your frosting. I added just a few dabs of the coloring until I found my perfect purple shade. Feel free to take this idea and re create for your next princess theme party! Change the colors to match other Princesses and characters, it’s a definite guarantee your little ones will fall head over heels with them, and knowing you created them all on your own makes them that much more special.

Piping Tip used for swirl was a Wilton closed star tip.



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