Mustache Baby Shower Desserts//Handmade Toppers



My family is growing more and more every year! Here I wanted to share with you all the second baby shower I was blessed again to have made the desserts for. My cousin will soon be welcoming her 2nd son into the world this coming June!  We are all so very excited to meet him:) Here is a glance of all the sweetness I created for this new little bundle of happiness! Mustache Style!

»Oreo balls«


I Mustache You A question!

Do You Love Cupcakes?


»Rice Krispies«



«Chocolate Covered Oreos»Chocolate covered pretzels»


Yep, theres an entire Oreo cookie in there! You can purchase the chocolate mold by clicking the link here!→chocolate covered oreo mold20160423_120417-01.jpeg

For the miniature mustaches I used a very small mustache cookie cutter I purchased from Etsy. Next,  I then used Wilton’s already made fondant, it is very easy to work with and has a great taste to it! How freakin’ adorable are these teeny things! I wanted to add them to everything!  they added just the perfect touch to make the most simplest dessert stand out. To attach, I just added a small drop of chocolate to the backs of them as my glue.


DIY Onesie Cupcake/Dessert Toppers:

trace/free hand a onesie outline to make as your template.  Cut it out and and begin to trace as many toppers as you need onto your paper. I recommend using cardstock paper over the thin printing paper. Cardstock paper is much more durable and holds up the structure of your shape much better than thinner paper.


Get creative and use a variety of stickers that fit your theme:) mix it up with different styles, colors and letters to create personalized quotes, names etc.. I found this pack of stickers in the craft section at Walmart:) The colors and the variety of stickers matched the theme perfectly! 


After you have assembled your custom toppers, you can now hot glue/ super glue a toothpick to the backs of them:)





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    1. brianau24 says:

      aw thank you sweetness! 🙂


  1. Maryland says:

    Knocked my socks off with kndeelogw!


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