Sweet Baby Boy//baby shower carriage theme

Hello my sweets! I couldn’t wait any longer to share with you all these precious desserts and DIY cupcake toppers I created over this past weekend! This theme was and is probably the sweetest and most adorable theme I was blessed to have taken part in creating, it was total cuteness overload!! Stay tuned and see how I created  these sweet, adorable toppers that you too can easily make for an adorable, personalized touch for your desserts and sweets table. I have also added the links to where I have purchased a few of the supplies I used, so you too can re-create and find inspiration for your next baby shower festivities!

Enjoy My loves! and let your creativity flow!

something sweet for the handsome boy!




♥I used a Wilton 2D tip to pipe. This is my favorite tip to use for creating that perfect swirl onto cupcakes.20160604_121237-01.jpeg

mmm…donuts! mini donuts♥


Chocolate dipped Oreo Balls!

20160604_122221-01.jpeg 20160530_205811-01.jpeg

I used Wiltons ready to use fondant in white, which I then dyed to a light baby blue color. For the stroller mold click herebaby stroller mold and  for the multi colored paper straws  click here!

glue toothpicks onto the backside of your stickers and DIY toppers!


“you are my sunshine, my only sunshine”..



to make your very own onesie topper, trace/free hand a onesie outline to use as your template.  Trace as many as you need onto colored/design  cardstock paper:) I always purchase my colored, design papers from Michaels or Hobby Lobby! They sell them by the sheet for the best price! Be prepared, they have every color, and adorable design you can think of! lol you’ll be in looove!


The wooden arrows and wooden square block can be found at Michaels for $1! for a more personalized touch, I added these adorable stickers onto them! stickers were also purchased from Michaels.


20160607_235449-01.jpeg 20160607_235641-01.jpeg


for the mini cupcake stand, glue together the wooden pieces and let dry overnight. I then painted with 3 coats of white acrylic paint! The wooden pieces can be found in the craft aisle at Walmart. 


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  1. I absolutely love it! Wow, you are so creative.

    – Maryam


    1. you are too sweet:) thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

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