Thrifty DIY Home Decor

There’s nothing I enjoy more than browsing through thrift shops and finding one of a kind pieces that I can craft with! My mom and I are always at our local thrift shop by my house, and I never leave without picking up some awesome stuff. Today as we did our weekly browse, I spotted this little handcrafted beauty!  How freaking adorable! I LOVE pineapples! There was no way I was leaving without it lol.  I thought it would be perfect to add some gold paint I had at home and use it for decor for my room! I used 3 coats of gold metallic acrylic paint and this is how it turned out! simply perfect!! I been looking for some gold pieces to add to my room for a while now , and what better way than to create your own:) you can make and create anything you put your mind and imagination to, and it will be just as unique and one of a kind as you are! I encourage you all to go check out your local thrift shops and see all the awesome items they have to offer, you won’t be disappointed 




(candle is from Ross, and the ampersand canvas was found at the 99 cents only store, so cute!)



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