“Donut Worry.. Be Happy”!

How could you not be happy when you have a donut in your hand, or better yet, itty bitty mini donuts! These are probably my biggest obsession ever! Anyone who truly knows me, knows how much I love donuts, lol. So you could imagine how ecstatic I was when I was gifted my mini donut pan. I sometimes make them for no reason at all, lol they are just too cute for words! and better yet, they are super easy to make! These little minis require zero frying, and are simply baked in the oven:) You can use your own donut dough recipes or to make it even more easier, you can simply use cake batter! The outcome is like a cupcake donut and taste just as delish! I love using  them as a topper ontop of cupcakes or adding them onto a dessert platter and gift boxes! You can top them with endless flavors of toppings, frosting and glaze, etc.. And the outcome..these adorable bite size minis that everyone will surely adore and devour!



Look just how teeny and ADORABLE these donuts are!!! I fall in love every time


perfect for any occasion!


I found these mini gift boxes from the dollar store and thought they would be perfect to hold the donuts! They look just like they were boxed straight from the bakery! Perfect to bring as a dessert for a dinner party, or give as a gift! I mean, who wouldn’t love a box of donuts?!


I like to add stickers onto the front of the boxes when I’m going to give them out as a gift, here are some of my favorite ones I find at Walmart!


“mmmmm. donuts!”



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