Food Truck Lovin’

Hello ello my foodie lovers! I wanted to share with you guys this super awesome waffle truck that are popping out some of the best waffles around in Arizona! I was finally able to try them out this past weekend, and let me tell ya’ll, OMG I am still dreaming of these waffles!! they were the best tasting waffles ever, so fluffy and full of flavor! I was instantly drawn to the Nutella Love, warm waffle, generous amount of Nutella spread, topped with fresh strawberries and a heaping scoop of cream, it was HEAVEN! I can’t wait to try these again and taste all of the other flavors they have to offer! You can even customize them however you desire. Ah and one last thing, can I just say how freakin’ cute their truck is!! I could honestly live in it and eat waffles all day long if I could, haha its so adorable! you should definitely keep an eye out for them, simply the best!♥




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