DIY Iced Caramel Macchiato

This one is for all my coffee lovers out there! One of my go-to favorite iced coffees is the iced caramel macchiato. No matter what kind of weather or time of the day it is, I always find myself getting this style of coffee when I need a caffeine fix. But buying coffee daily can sure get pricey, lol so I figured, why not make it myself! Let me tell ya’ll, this recipe is super delish! same great taste that will satisfy your espresso,milky -caramel cravings! And to kick it up a notch, I love to make my own espresso ice cubes for that extra kick! man is this stuff tasty, and quite hope you all give this iced coffee delight a try!


espresso coffee//vanilla syrup//caramel sauce//milk//espresso cubes

For espresso cubes, simply add some espresso coffee into an ice tray and freeze!


let’s get started with the first layer of your caramel macchiato!

First you will add in some of your vanilla syrup, you can find my favorite recipe on making vanilla syrup here→homemade vanilla syrup


now time to drizzle the inside of your glass with caramel! you can find my homemade recipe on making caramel sauce here→homemade caramel sauce

then add in your espresso cubes, or regular ice cubes


fill your glass half way with your choice of milk


pour in your espresso


top it off with more caramel!


mix and enjoy!


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