But First..Coffee!

When the first sip hits your soul..♥ Happy National Coffee Day my suga sweets! How are you having your cup of happiness this morning? I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have quite the obsession for coffee creamers, lol it never fails with me , every time I go grocery shopping, I end up leaving with a new flavor to try! lol At one point in time I’m pretty sure my fridge was stocked with every flavor I could get my hands on lol. I love mixing it up every now and then, and I especially love to top it off with some good ol’ whipped cream! Fall is finally here and I am loving the yummy seasonal flavors that come with it. They bring so much comfort to me and create such a cozy atmosphere. It’s always those simple little pleasures in life, such as a cup of coffee, that can bring you so much happiness! and energy..lol. My hope for today is for each and every one of you to go treat yo self to a nice big cup of love! day or night, hot or cold, it’s never a wrong time for coffee, and I mean never lol.  Take a moment to reflect and  think about how blessed you are to wake up today and drink that cup of coffee. No matter if I’m having the toughest day, or the worst week , I strive to find that happiness in all the little thingsIf you can find that, you can get through anything! Have a great day loves!

 my current fav: CINNABON classic cinnamon roll +whipped cream+cinnamon



this one time in Santa Cruz..


Santa Cruz Natural Bridges


because Target + Starbucks go hand in hand..


…and so do coffee & donuts 



Tres Leches Café is a local coffee spot located in Phoenix, AZ. whipping up some tasty coffees with a traditional Mexican flare! You can choose from a  variety of sweet combinations created by the master mind behind the operation. From those beloved flavors of  warm churros, dulce de leche, horchata and more, this spot will surely satisfy your coffee/dessert fix all in one cup!


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