DIY Gift Tags


Good morning my lovelies! Happy Saturday! and Happy 1st of October! I still can’t wrap my head around how fast this year is going by! but I’m sooo excited for these holiday months to come, this time of year is always my fav! Lots of baking and plenty of crafting. For today’s DIY I’m going to show you guys how to create your very own gift tags! They are super easy to create and turn out adorable as ever. Add them to your gifts or even use them as a bookmark! All you need for this DIY is

 •scissors//design paper//string//hole punch


I purchase my string from Walmart. They have every shade imaginable in these! and only 33 cents each, can’t beat that sweet deal:) 


trace/cut out a rectangular shape onto your paper, it can be any size you like


trim off just a bit from the two end corners 


super easy right!


once you have your tag all nice and trimmed, now it’s time to punch the hole for the string20160930_234532-01.jpeg


I love cutting mine all different sizes and experimenting with all kinds of colors and patterns. You can even use the larger ones as a bookmark!



 I love pairing them with my handmade mini gift card envelopes for all of my sweet & special occasions. They are always a beautiful addition to the simplest bag or gift box. Perfect for birthdays and all those Holiday gifts & homemade goodies! I hope you all enjoyed this easy and super adorable DIY, you won’t ever have to worry about not having a gift tag anymore!



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    1. Thank you!! :)I’m obsessed with making them lol


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