Pink & Gold Princess Desserts!

Hello my lovelies! For tonights posts I wanted to share with you all these super adorable, pretty in pink and gold princess desserts I created over the weekend! It was such a sweet honor to have been part of creating these lovely sweets for a dear friend of mine celebrating her daughters 1st Birthday! Beautiful, precious Zoe celebrated her special day like the princess she was born to be. With the vision of her momma who everyday gave me new and exciting inspirations to catch ideas from, I was able to create something very special that both momma and guests all enjoyed. I hope you all find inspiration in these sweet little creations for your next party celebration!


you guys! how gorgeous is this golden glitter!! and you know what’s even better? it is 100% totally edible! how awesome right! I purchased this little gem off of Etsy, and I am so , so happy that I got my hands it on! It was my first time working with an edible glitter, and I purchased two containers thinking one wouldn’t be enough, lol but let me tell you, a little definitely goes a long way:) I used a simple small paint brush to shimmer up the crowns and sprinkle over the rest of the desserts.  I wasn’t sure if it would apply easily or stick to the fondant, so before applying the glitter, I lightly brushed the fondant crowns with a little water and the glitter latched on perfectly, and stayed on:)  You can purchase the glitter pot and the silicone crown mold I used for these sweets on the links below:

♥ silicone crown mold

♥ Royal gold cake glitter

lrm_export_20161016_215315.jpgyou can’t have a party without some mini donuts!



One thing I love and enjoy the most about DIY’s is the freedom I get to create something in my own vision. I love to browse around thrift shops and craft stores to gather a handful of hand crafted accessories,  such as wooden letters and paper cut outs. All you need is some scissors, paint, toothpicks, and a hot glue gun , and you will be so surprised of how many decorations you can easily create yourself. My all time, go-to dessert DIY is cupcake toppers using toothpicks and paper cutouts/stickers. I purchased these golden paper crowns and glued them onto the paper straws and toothpicks. Simple as that:)


my most favorite thing on this platter was definitely the mini bird cage. (it was actually a mini  candle holder) I found it at my local thrift shop  and it was originally a pale yellow color when i first bought it. To ensure it would match the color scheme, I simply painted over the cage using a metallic gold acrylic paint  the end result matched beautifully to the theme and it fit just perfectly in the center just as I imagined it would. I was even able to fit a cupcake in the center of it!  lol,  it reminded me of a princess carriage or those whimsical bird cages you see in fairytales.


another beauty I found from the thrift shop was this gorgeous, golden tray that I filled with cupcakes! and for a personalized touch, I added some gold sticker letters onto the cupcake liners.


For the glass vases, I went to my local thrift shop and found matching pairs of these flower vases for under $1. I love to add dimension throughout  the tables with different sizes of flower vases, they are a great way to store more sweets and goodies in.  I also used these adorable  pink artificial flowers that I found at Walmart to glue onto the vases! it’s a super simple DIY to create and is a great money saver. Check out  your local thrift shops and dollar stores for a variety of flower vases and plates, they have several shapes and sizes to choose from, and you can fill them with all sorts of candies and sweet treats you desire.




Let me just say, How BEAUTIFUL this entire floral decor set up is! My breath was completely taken away when I first saw it upon arriving to the house. Everything from the handmade paper flowers,  to the pink and golden, shimmery drapes and linens was absolutely gorgeous. 


Happy 1st Birthday Princess ZOE


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